About Us

Keith was born in 1950 in Ephrata, and is a lifetime resident of Washington state. A professional since 1973. He developed an early interest in his native state and the indigenous people of the area. Though wildlife is his first love, Powell is also concerned with history and culture. He strives for historical accuracy and authenticity in his work. He works with scratch board, oils, acrylics, watercolor, pen & inks, lithographic print, bronze, steel, aluminum.

"My art is an expression of how I see the interconnectedness of my sense of place with the spiritual heritage of those who have walked this ground with me and before me. I portray the drama of the deep canyons of my home country in my work, and the animals and spirits that haunt my images are tied closely to the land and the people. I approach my work with ceremony and a sense of purpose in the hopes that the viewer will feel kinship with all life."