048P - Keith Powell's / The Last Ride

$ 150.00

Original Medium - Oil Paints

The two people in the foreground of this painting are Whistalks and her husband Qalchan.  Whistalks (Walks in a Dress) is the daughter of Chief Palotkin of the Spokane tribe.  Qalchan is the son of Chief Owhi of the Yakama People.  The location of the painting is on the west wall of the upper Grand Coulee about seven miles north of Dry Falls, in central Washington.  In the far distance is Steamboat Rock.   The time is shortly before the battle of Four Lakes (1858), which took place west of present day Spokane.  From here Whistalks and Qalchan, along with the people in the distance, traveled to the mouth of the Spokane River.  It is believed that the men of this group then traveled south to Four Lakes.  In the following battle many people were injured and killed.  Only two soldiers died.  The two had eaten poisonous roots the day before.  The army had a new weapon, the Mini Ball.  This bullet gave them the range and accuracy needed to defeat the gathered tribes.

After the battle the Army captured and held captive Chief Palotkin for four days.  He was then released and told by Colonel Wright to tell his son-in-law, Qalchan, that if he would meet with the Army and sign a treaty document, they could live in peace.  Qalchan, Whistalks and Locot, Qalchans brother, all rode to a point along Latah Creek which was fifteen miles south of Spokane Falls where the army was camped.  Upon arriving, Colonel Wright hanged Qalchan in front of his wife and all his people.

The people depicted in this painting belonged to the Spokane and Yakama tribes.  These tribes, along with many others from the area, would travel to the Spanish settlements in what is now California to trade.   Much of the horse gear they used was uniquely influence by their trades with the Spanish.

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