013P - Keith Powell's / The Brothers

$ 150.00

Original Medium - Oil Paints

This painting depicts the people of the Sincayuse Tribe.  The view is of the upper Grand Coulee, south of the town of Grand Coulee, Washington.  In the far distance, looking south, is the landmark, Steamboat Rock.

The Sincayuse is a tribe from what is now central Washington State.  Their homeland was from the Grand Coulee, in the north, to the Snake River, in the south.  Due to the dominance of the Plains tribes in books, movies and television very few people are aware of the Sincayuse.

The town of Moses Lake, Washington, is named after their last great leader, Chief Moses.  His people called him Que-tal-a-kin (One Blue Horn) and named a lake for him called Howaph (a Willow).  Tribes from the Great Plains would make the long trip to the Moses Lake area to trade.  They brought with them buffalo meat and robes trading for horses, shells, beads and other needed items.  The Sincayuse and the many tribes northwest were known for their riches in trade goods.  They were skilled horsemen and brave fighters.  Mounted on the same type of highly prized horse that made the Nez Perce famous, they would travel east into Montana, Wyoming and Southern Alberta, hunting buffalo and trading with tribes of the area.  They sometimes stayed up to three years.  These trips began well before the tribes of the northern Great Plains had obtained horses.  The horse gave them the ability to bring the valuable buffalo robes plus great amounts of meat back to their home along the Columbia River.

The horse gear depicted, in the painting, shows that there was early contact between the people of the Northwest and the Spanish settlement of what is now California.  In fact, when Lewis and Clark made their famous expeditions to the Pacific Ocean, in the early 1800's, they saw tribal people with branded mules and Spanish bits.

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