010P - Keith Powell's / Calling the Reindeer

$ 45.00

Original Medium - Watercolor

From northern Europe to central Asia a story had been told for thousands of years of a magical shaman. The stories varied from place to place, but they all contained the same basic message. It told of a little shaman with special powers who loved to give away wonderful gifts to kind and helpful people. One of his powers was the ability to know what was in people’s hearts. Children were told that he always knew the good things

They did and could tell if they had done anything mean or selfish.

On the winter solstice he would enchant his reindeer by playing his drum. While playing he sang, danced and chanted. His reindeer would then magically gain the ability to fly. With his sled full of gifts they would fly away into the evening sky. The night lasted for many months in the far north, and he was able to travel far and wide. One last thing…If he knew of a child that was mean or selfish he would still leave them a gift…a small pile of rocks or sometimes charcoal from his fire. Happy Solstice!

All of Keith's art prints are Giclées Archival quality prints. These are printed using a The Epson Stylus Pro 4000 which is a 8-ink professional printer that uses the Epson UltraChrome pigmented inkset and is designed for professional photographic applications. All prints are on Premium Archival Matte paper that has long been a favorite among artists and photographers producing everything from exhibition prints to fine art reproductions to high-end framed photos.

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